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      Indonesia is a growing power house in Southeast Asia. A member of the G20, Indonesia’s GDP stands at US$1 trillion, the largest in the region. It is touted by analysts to be among the new economies to watch out. Indonesia is part of the newly-coined emerging markets acronym MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey) owing to its potentials, huge GDP, and large share in the Goldman’s N-11 equity fund.

      Its domestic market is among those that fuels Indonesia’s economic success. Now at 238 million, the country’s burgeoning population is the fourth largest in the world. Almost half of the population are in urban areas and have increased capacity to spend. Indonesians aged below 20 years constitute more than 50% of the population. They drive not only spending but also reforms and positive changes. Workforce is expected to reach 2.7 million.

      Economic stability is attributed to the government’s prudent fiscal stewardship which enabled Indonesia to lower its debt GDP ratio to 25% by end of 2011 from 95% ten years ago.

      Key sectoral opportunities are in infrastructure including projects in toll road, marine transportation, railway, power, and water supply; food and agriculture; and energy sector.

      Invest in remarkable Indonesia.

      Please see BKPM, for more information. 

      Capital: Jakarta
      Land Area:
      Urban population rate:
      Age clustering:
      Children below 5 yrs old
      Youth 15-29 yrs old
      Elderly over 65 years old
      Active workforce 20-44 yrs old
      Life expectancy:
      Net enrollment in primary education:
      Adult literacy rate:
      1,860,360 sqkm
      237.8 million
      49.8 percent

      9.2 percent
      26.9 percent
      5.2 percent
      41.0 percent
      70.9 years
      94.8 percent
      90.4 percent
      (as of 2011)
      GDP per capita:
      Total trade:
      Tourist arrival:
      US$ 846.8 million
      US$ 3,563
      3.8 percent
      US$ 19.2 million
      US$ 380.9 million
      7.7 million
      Indonesian rupiah
      (as of 2011)
      International airports:
      Major sea ports:
      Road length:
      Paved network:
      Percentage of paved roads:
      Vehicles per 1000 persons:
      Internet subscriber per 1000 persons:
      Cellphone per 1000 persons:
      5 international airports
      5 major ports
      476,300 square kilometers
      313,500 square kilometers
      66 percent
      Other Information

      Bahasa Indonesia is the national language; English is most prevalent foreign language.
      Predominantly Muslim
      Most Indonesians are Javanese; others are Sundanese, Madarese, coastal Malays; others belong to other ethnic group..

      Note: Some figures may vary with figures in the AMS’ website due to different covered periods or record years. Quantitative data were culled from the ASEAN Secretariat Statistics Leaflet Year 2012. 

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