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    • Viet Nam

      Once among the smaller economies in ASEAN, Viet Nam today emerges as a country moving towards economic modernization and engaging in competitive and export driven industries. Viet Nam’s average GDP growth from 2006 to 2011 was strong at 6.8%. Its GDP doubled to US$ 123 billion from US$ 61 billion in 2006. Exports value has been substantially growing since 2009. Major exports are machinery, equipment part and accessories, raw petroleum, garment, and electronic accessories.

      Viet Nam’s competitive edges are its dynamic market of almost 88 million people and a cost-competitive workforce. Growth in Viet Nam’s consumer spending, which is larger than the country’s population growth, is fueled by the increasing number of high-income class families, large number of youth, and tourism development.

      Industries ripe for investments include aqua-agriculture, retail, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, among others.

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      Viet Nam
      Capital: Hanoi
      Land Area:
      Urban population rate:
      Age clustering:
      Children below 5 yrs old
      Youth 15-29 yrs old
      Elderly over 65 years old
      Active workforce 20-44 yrs old
      Life expectancy:
      Net enrollment in primary education:
      Adult literacy rate:
      331,051 sqkm
      87.8 million
      31.7 percent
      8.2 percent
      29.3 percent
      6.4 percent
      8.0 percent
      73 years
      88.3 percent
      93.2 percent
      (as of 2011)
      GDP per capita:
      Total trade:
      Tourist arrival:
      US$ 123.27 million
      US$ 1,403
      8.9 percent
      US$ 7.4 million
      US$ 199.58 million
      6 million
      Vietnamese dong
      (as of 2011)
      International airports:
      Major sea ports:
      Road length:
      Paved network:
      Percentage of paved roads:
      Vehicles per 1000 persons:
      Internet subscriber per 1000 persons:
      Cellphone per 1000 persons:
      3 international airports
      9 major ports
      301,000 square kilometers
      198,000 square kilometers
      66 percent
      Other Information

      Vietnamese is the official language
      Main religions are Buddhism, Christianity, Caodaism, Hoa Hao, Protestantism, and Islam.
      Majority are Kinh people; most populous ethnic minorities include Tay, Thai, Muong, Hoa, Khmer and Nung.

      Note: Some figures may vary with figures in the AMS’ website due to different covered periods or record years. Quantitative data were culled from the ASEAN Secretariat Statistics Leaflet Year 2012. 

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