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    Why invest in ASEAN?

    • Singapore

      Singapore is one of the most developed economies globally, with a GDP per capita of over US$ 50,000. Businesses are enticed to invest in Singapore given the country’s strategic policies, regulations, processes, and administration. In Singapore, investors can expect integrity and respect for intellectual property rights, support for research and development, connectivity and infrastructure, and quality of life.

      Singapore’s pro-intellectual property stance earned it the title of having the best IP protection in Asia and the second best in the world based on World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report. Singapore values having world class R&D facilities and knowledge and is resolved to become a global knowledge capital. It is one of the world’s busiest transportation hubs with container ports linking 123 countries and an international airport that caters to over 5,000 weekly flights. It trades with different markets globally through its extensive network of free trade agreements with Asia and other major economies.

      Emerging businesses in Singapore are those in automotive, lifestyle, nanotechnology, safety and security, and other technology-driven industries.

      Singapore is Future Ready.

      Please click here for more information on investing in Singapore. 

      Capital: Singapore
      Land Area:
      Urban population rate:
      Age clustering:
      Children below 5 yrs old
      Youth 15-29 yrs old
      Elderly over 65 years old
      Active workforce 20-44 yrs old
      Life expectancy:
      Net enrollment in primary education:
      Adult literacy rate:
      714 sqkm
      5.9 million
      100 percent
      5 percent
      21 percent
      9 percent
      38 percent
      82 years
      100 percent
      95.9 percent
      (as of 2011)
      GDP per capita:
      Total trade:
      Tourist arrival:
      US$ 259.9 million
      US$ 50,130
      5.5 percent
      US$ 63,997
      US$ 775.2 million
      13.2 million
      Singapore dollar
      (as of 2011)
      International airports:
      Major sea ports:
      Road length:
      Paved network:
      Percentage of paved roads:
      Vehicles per 1000 persons:
      Internet subscriber per 1000 persons:
      Cellphone per 1000 persons:
      1 international airport
      2 major ports
      3,412 square kilometers
      3,412 square kilometers
      100 percent
      Other Information



      English and Mandarin are most commonly used. Although there are four official languages, namely: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. National language is Bahasa Melayu

      Chinese , Malays, Indians, Peranakans, and Eurasians

      Note: Some figures may vary with figures in the AMS’ website due to different covered periods or record years. Quantitative data were culled from the ASEAN Secretariat Statistics Leaflet Year 2012. 

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