1 June 2023 | 09:05 am GMT +7
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    This first Investment Policy Review of Indonesia assesses the development of Indonesia's investment environment on the basis of the Policy Framework for Investment. it testifies to the growing ties between the OECD and Indonesia, both through the Enhanced Engagement process with key emerging economies and as part of the strategic partnership between Southeast Asia and the OECD.

    The Review describes the extensive reforms undertaken in Indonesia over the past decade to improve the climate for both domestic and foreign investment. It documents the rise in investor confidence, as seen in a resurgence of inflows of foreign direct investment, and highlights areas where further improvements in policies and practices could produce levels of investment commensurate with higher growth targets for the Indonesian economy.

    The Review is based on a background report that facilitated a review by the OECD Investment Committee of Indonesia's investment policies in March 2010.


    Executive Summary (pdf)

    Full Report (pdf)

    Overview of Progress and Policy Challenges (pdf)