24 October 2021 | 07:55 am GMT +7
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  • Enhancing National Policies

    This section describes the most recent investment-specific and investment-related measures per ASEAN member state. 

    • Thailand

      • The Thai Government has reduced corporate income tax from 23% in 2012 to 20% in 2013.

      • Cabinet approved the proposed tax incentives for Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH) to set up in Thailand. Key changes include:

        • A 15 year corporate income tax exemption on new profits derived from offshore income, with new profits from onshore income taxed at a rate of 10%;

        • Criteria that minimum revenue be at least 50% of total revenue will be waived. ROHs currently are subject to 10% income tax on net profits derived from all income provided the gross amount of offshore income is at least 50% of total income reported by the ROH;

        • Reduced personal income tax of 15% to expatriates employed by an ROH for up to eight years (currently four years)

      • New measures have been introduced aimed at promoting outward investment by relaxing approval requirements on foreign exchange regulations in relation to such activities.