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    • ASEAN Launches Investment Opportunities in ASEAN 2021 e-brochure

      JAKARTA, 13 November 2020 - The “Investment Opportunities in ASEAN 2021 – Invest in ASEAN:  Towards Resilient Growth in the New Normal” e-brochure is now available online on the ASEAN website and the InvestASEAN portal.

      The e-brochure features the major exports, imports, industries and investment opportunities in ASEAN Member States for 2021. It comes at an unprecedented time as the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic are still looming and the global economy remains at risk.

      ASEAN Member States have been working closely together to contain and mitigate the impacts of the crisis while assuring a stable environment for investment.

      “Investment Opportunities in ASEAN 2021” is ASEAN’s initiative and a part of its recovery efforts by inviting the international community to continue investing in the region in the new normal.

      The e-brochure can be downloaded here

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    Air Travel

    Air Travel

    The move towards an ASEAN Single Aviation Market boosted infrastructure investment and aviation development plans in the region. Growth is also attributed to the proliferation...